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Title lists

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Edward Elgar

Asian Studies
Edward Elgar
1.06mb      6pp
Asian Studies 2019
Edward Elgar
1057kb      6pp
Austrian Economics and Public Choice 2016
Edward Elgar
688kb      4pp
Business and Management 2019
Edward Elgar
3.2mb      32pp
Climate Change 2018
Edward Elgar
6839kb      6pp
Commercial Law 2018
Edward Elgar
1566kb      6pp
Comparative Law 2019
Edward Elgar
12801kb      6pp
Competition and Antitrust Law 2019
Edward Elgar
9149kb       4pp
Constitutional and Adminstrative Law 2019
Edward Elgar
786kb      6pp
Corporate Law and Financial Law 2020
Edward Elgar
729kb      6pp
Criminal Law and Criminal Justice 2018
Edward Elgar
1181kb      4pp
Economics 2019
Edward Elgar
4019kb      44pp
Education 2017
Edward Elgar
5362kb      6pp
Energy 2017
Edward Elgar
749kb      4pp
Entrepreneurship 2019
Edward Elgar
7382kb      20pp
Enviromental Economics 2018
Edward Elgar
8380kb      12pp
Enviromental Policy and Politics 2019
Edward Elgar
1739kb      16pp
Environmental Law 2019
Edward Elgar
1880kb      20pp
European Law 2019
Edward Elgar
1302kb      20pp
Gender and Diversity 2015
Edward Elgar
923kb      4pp
Geography, Urban and Regional Studies 2020
Edward Elgar
1795kb      36pp
Health: Economics, Policy and Law 2017
Edward Elgar
3531kb      4pp
Heterodox Economics 2019
Edward Elgar
8421kb      20pp
History of Economic Thought & Methodology 2019
Edward Elgar
5661kb      6pp
Human Rights 2019
Edward Elgar
1330kb      20pp
Innovation, Technology and Knowledge 2019
Edward Elgar
6800kb      20pp
Intellectual Property 2019
Edward Elgar
1869kb      20pp
International Business 2020
Edward Elgar
665kb      6pp
International Development 2019
Edward Elgar
7705kb      20pp
International Law 2019
Edward Elgar
2225kb      32pp
Labour and Employment Law 2018
Edward Elgar
1209kb      4pp
Law 2019
Edward Elgar
4349kb      56pp
Law and Economics 2019
Edward Elgar
1596kb      6pp
Leadership 2020
Edward Elgar
2456kb      4pp
Marketing 2018
Edward Elgar
8979kb      6pp
Migration 2019
Edward Elgar
3380kb      4pp
Money and Finance 2019
Edward Elgar
1594kb      20pp
New Titles July-December 2018
Edward Elgar
4624kb      44pp
Organisation Studies 2019
Edward Elgar
690kb      4pp
Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management 2019
Edward Elgar
5677kb      12pp
Professional Intellectual Property Titles 2015
Edward Elgar
3008kb      4pp
Public Policy and Politics 2020
Edward Elgar
2004kb      24pp
Regulation and Governance 2019
Edward Elgar
1441kb      24pp
Research Methods 2019
Edward Elgar
6827kb      6pp
Social Policy and Sociology 2019
Edward Elgar
7177kb      24pp
Technology, Media and Information Law 2018
Edward Elgar
898kb      6pp
Tourism 2019
Edward Elgar
1174kb      4pp
Transport 2019
Edward Elgar
3554kb      6pp

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