Spirit Rules Trilogy

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Part One: Portents   Part Two: The Numbers
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Twelve year old Anna, her twin brother Dan and the baby of the family Bash are camping out in the middle of a ring of standing stones, awakened by thunder, Anna is terrified to find that the old stones have come to life. When the boys wake up Anna is gone and everything has changed. So begins an adventure in which the children must help fulfil an old prophecy, defeat a tyrant and find a way home.

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In the second part of the Spirit Rules adventure, Anna and her brothers feel they are being called back to the strange world of their first adventure. Anna finds herself in a world devastated by war. But who is calling them and what do they want? If Anna crosses through the portal between worlds she will unwittingly put herself and her brothers in mortal peril. There is more at stake than she could ever suspect; a way of life, a civilisation, a whole world and people's lives.

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Part Three: Chronomancer    
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The Chronomancer has discovered natural crystals of such purity and perfection that they can magnify and modify light into a force that opens portals in space and time. From his castle lair, he is controlling the fate of the worlds.


In the final part to the Spiritual Rules trilogy, Anna's brother Bash is held hostage and only Anna has the key to release him. With portals opening between the worlds, Earth's very stability is threatened. Will Anna risk all to save her brother?

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